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    Dear Dev Team,

    to remove unwanted post_types I’ve found the following post:

    Is there a list available with all names of custom post_types?
    We would like to remove “Courses”, Showcase Slides, Departments, Staff Profiles, etc…
    Thanks in advance.


    Pls go through the function “mo_register_custom_post_types” of file framework/presentation/custom-post-types.php and comment the required lines of code(for eg: mo_register_course_post_type;) and see if it helps.


    Hi Phoenix,

    thanks. I’ve found a solution.
    In case anyone needs the same:

    // All Entries with ‘//’ are visible within wp backend. all others are gone 🙂

    // Portfolio
    function mo_register_portfolio_type(){}
    // Gallery
    //function mo_register_gallery_type(){}
    // Page Sections
    //function mo_register_page_section_type(){}
    // Showcase Slides
    function mo_register_showcase_slide_type(){}
    // Departments
    function mo_register_department_post_type(){}
    // Staff Profiles
    function mo_register_staff_profile_post_type(){}
    // Testimonials
    //function mo_register_testimonials_post_type(){}
    // Register Pricing
    function mo_register_pricing_post_type(){}
    // Courses
    function mo_register_course_post_type(){}
    // News
    function mo_register_news_post_type(){}

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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