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    Fantastic theme, I’m using it on

    In an effort to speed up load times, please advise on the following.

    1. Can I safely remove icomoon.ttf without it impacting the front or backend? It seems the only icons I’m using are for the team area (ex. Twitter and LinkedIn). Figure I could have a dev. just add those two in. Icomoon (according to Pingdom tools) is 479kb, quite a bit of load time.

    I see these two things loading:

    2. Any advice for how to load Google fonts Lato and Merriweather locally, instead of externally?


    1) You should have no issues removing the icons if you are not using them. Or you could just generate a custom icomoon font file in their site and load the same into the theme. The icon class names may change though when you do the same and you will need to make the appropriate changes in your content and theme code.

    2) Is this what you were looking for –

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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