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    We have a mobile phone application for 3 platforms. Android-iPhone-Blackberry.

    We added Page Section for each platform and common page section for all platforms.

    *Page Sections*
    Android Features
    iPhone Features
    Blackberry Features
    Common – Features
    Common – Price
    Common – Team
    Common – Testimonial

    So we created 3 single pages site and we used common and certain page section for each platform.

    Then we created a menu with 4 pages
    Home – Android – iPhone – Blackberry

    We have a problem with menu now. This menu appear only with one page which is Home.
    It does not appear with Android page and other pages.

    I spend all my weekend to solve it. Then I read this on your documentations.

    These one page “sub-pages” help you create multiple one page templates to showcase multiple products of yours in a single wordpress installation. Do note that the default WP menu does not apply here.

    Any way to solve this? Any near update on the theme to solve this?

    Thank you.


    The additional single pages should auto-build the menu for you based on the page sections chosen and any page links you have chosen to display in the metaboxes of the page edit window (below publish button of the page). The WP menu set will be ignored since the page navigation links for the additional single pages can be different.

    Having said this, I understand this situation is not always ideal for everyone and hence have come up with an update to set a custom built WordPress menu for each of the single page websites. Will submit the update today and you should have it in a day or so. Thanks



    The latest update solved my problem.
    Thank you very much.



    Great! Cheers.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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