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    Hello Code master,

    Could you test if your invent original post snippets carousel pagination works as expected once again?
    I am using following snippets shortcode with different IDs (this example “news-carousel”).

    [post_snippets_carousel id="news-carousel" terms="mynews" post_count=6 image_size='medium' display_title=true show_meta=true display_summary=true show_excerpt="true" excerpt_count=100 hide_thumbnail="false" pagination="true" navigation="true"]

    What I found was before putting pagination, it was seemingly works fine but after putting that option (pagination=”true”) into the shortcode bracket, the number of pagination bar (thick border) underneath the carousel have got double. And bad part is that once it’s done, I cannot go back to state with the original number of pagination bars even if I get rid of the option (pagination=”true”).

    It means that on the full screen if there are 3 cols and has got total of 6 posts. The number of pagination bar will be 2 right? (3 x 3). But my site gets 6. And if there are 2 post or 3 posts only, there shouldn’t be any pagination bar output but in this case there are 2 bars… My site uses child theme so at first I thought it maybe because of the child theme overwriting the original code. However I switched over to the original theme (untouched code), and still does the same.

    I appreciate your support.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    I checked this code in my local installation and everything works fine.
    Can you pls disable all plugins once and see if that makes any difference?


    After updating the version to 4.8.1, the problem has gone. Very strange…
    Anyway, thanks for your kind support!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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