Possible to use Icons and Buttons in Header Nav and Primary Nav?

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    hi, just wondering if it’s possible to:

    1) put buttons in header nav – like “Enroll Now” or “Login” for Learndash users

    2) use font awesome icons in primary/main nav (or other styling elements)

    any insights appreciated. this theme is great, saved me about 185 years of learning and writing theme code.

    …or perhaps this is a feature request: add icons and buttons in menus via “theme options” ?


    You can do the same easily via Appearance-> Menus.

    1) To add a button, you enter the menu label as HTML below –

    <span class="button red">Login</span>

    2) To add an icon with a menu label, you can below HTML as menu label –

    <i class="icon-calendar"></i> Calendar

    Pls see available icons here – https://support.livemeshthemes.com/faqs/how-to-use-1500-icons-bundled-with-the-agile-theme/


    thanks – that was super easy – i’ve also installed “better font awesome” to make it even easier to drop icons in random spots around the site (posts, page positions, etc)

    on a related aside, is there sample code for a rounded button by size? trying to unearth the sample code in documentation but don’t see it, figure it might be in css someplace…or can just follow othe random online samples if you believe that they will play well with invent.

    btw, this theme is really great work! seriously, you have saved me a zillion hours so i can just focus on moving the course online!


    Glad to hear you like our work. If you are looking to make the menu button rounded, just use menu label –

    <span class="button red rounded">Login</span>

    Basically if you add class rounded, the button gets rounded edges. If you need the rounded buttons to be used elsewhere, you can also refer to documentation of the theme on rounded buttons and how to obtain them using shortcodes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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