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    Hi There,

    Me again. I’m a noob so apologies for my silly questions.

    Site: http://www.eusome.co.uk
    1. My single-page doesn’t ‘roll down’ to the page section even though I believe I’ve done everything right in the menu folder (using #pagereference)?! It simply jumps and reloads. What am I doing wrong?

    2. I’d like to organise my Blog Page into a similar format as the portfolio – columns of three instead of a timeline. Possible without too much explanation on your part?

    3. THE MAIN EVENT: My categories for my filterable portfolio are being tucked behind my images. I am using a lot of categories for a reason. Can you help?




    1. Which is the single page? I checked your site and everything seems to be build in standalone pages.
    2. I’m sorry, but if its not on our demo, it implies very complex developing modifications which we cannot provide in this forums.
    3. Go to your Custom CSS Section in your Theme Options Panel and enter the following code:
    #showcase-full-width {padding-top: 20%}
    That should do the trick!

    Let us know if 3. worked and how we can continue working on 1.


    1. The home page is the single page site pulling in the page-sections. The menu links should drop to the specified area of the home page (single-page site).

    You may have answered this query though on a different site enquiry.

    2.No problems.

    3. This worked a treat! Thank you so much.


    So back to SQUARE (point) 1.

    1. What I’d like it to do is land on the homepage > click a link from the menu > scroll to the specified page-section on the single-page site (EUSOME HOME).

    My current menu option link is “www.eusome.co.uk/#services”. It takes them there but not with the fluidity of the paralaxx scroll thing.

    Does that make sense?

    Sorry for my stupidity? I’m not a coder.


    Hi!! The links need to be set directly to the anchor (and ID where you can direct the scroll) the link is #services




    Isn’t that what I just said? When I set=up the single-site option, I then added the page sections and then when I added menu options I added ‘links’ instead of ‘pages’ or ‘categories’ In the URL I put a link to the anchor which, in full, is http://www.eusome.co.uk/#services .

    Is that what you mean because that is what I am doing at the site.



    Hi! You need to set the site URL in your dashboard as simply #services or whatever anchor you’re using. If you ser the full URL, the page will not scroll down to the page section, it’ll simply load it. So, set the href with the anchor, not with the full link.



    You need to change the link URL to http://eusome.co.uk/#services and not have the www prefix as in the current setup – http://www.eusome.co.uk/#services. Once you remove the prefix, the menu links should navigate down to the page sections.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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