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    Hi, I am using your theme and everything works great, but there something I am trying to do and require a little help from you.
    I know you can have a Portfolio Page, with different columns and also filter the thumbnails by category. However there are two things I require:

    1. I am trying to get a single page, showing thumbnails of all categories, but have only one thumbnail per category. The idea is that when you see the page will all the thumbnails, each one would represent a different category. So, when you click one of the thumbnails, you get the lightbox showing the rest of the images related to that specific category.
    Currently if I use “taxonamy= ‘portfolio_category’ terms=’category_name'”, I can filter which thumbnails or images to display, so I tried to copy a separate portfolio code for each category.
    The problem is that if I use “umber_of_columns=1 post_count=1” the rest of the images inside the category are not displayed when I open the lightbox. I need to see all the images inside the category when I click the main thumbnail, but show only one thumbnail in the page.

    2. Related to that, another problem is that when I put several portfolios inside the same page, and filter them by category using “taxonamy= ‘portfolio_category’ terms=’category_name'”, if I click to open one of the portfolios, all the thumbnails of the different categories and portfolios are mixed inside the lightbox.
    How can I restrict the lightbox to show only the images inside the category of choice?

    Thank you!


    I am really sorry I have some trouble understanding this requirement even though you have tried to explain in detail. Can you provide access to this page (preferably with a temp login posted here as a private message) you are experimenting with so that I can see what you have in place right now and what you are trying to achieve. Hoping that an example will help. Thanks.


    Hi. Happy new year.
    I wont be able to get credential information until next week. But basically what I need to do is to create a portfolio for several events.

    All events should be displayed in one page, using only one thumbnail for each, and the option to click the images to see more pictures.

    Pictures displayed in the lightbox should be related to that specific event you clicked on, and not all the images of different events.

    Could that be possible somehow? Thanks


    I went through your requirements and looks like this requires a lot of custom code to be written to accomplish this. Currently we cannot accomplish this with the theme; will need creating custom page templates in WordPress.

    Only one thing I can suggest to you is to create multiple pages, one each for each portfolio category using portfolio shortcodes as explained here –


    Then you will need to create another page with handwritten HTML content that lists the links to all these category pages with a thumbnail associated with this link related to linked category page (there is no way to associate a thumbnail to a category currently in WP that I know of). When the user clicks on this link/thumbnail, that person can navigate to the respective portfolio category page which will have lightbox support for the items listed there.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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