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    Hello, I need the portfolio to do some specific behaviour, and would like to confirm if it is possible. Basically, my situation is that the website is for a business that makes events. Each event has several images, so the idea is to have a page called “Events”, in wehre you can see a grid with several images (one image for each event)… but then if you click the image, you go to see more images of that particular event, also in a grid layout.

    If it is possible to work this some way that would be perfect. If not, I was thinking on a few options.

    First, make an image for each event, and put them in a fixed page with a grid view, similar to the one created with a portfolio. Then create a page for each event, and make the images to be linked to their respective page, containing a portfolio.

    Then on the event page I would have a portfolio, but I would need to remove the “link button”, and only have the option to click and see the bigger image (zoom).

    if this has to be the way, could you please tell me how to remove the “link button” on the images of the portfolio, and also, how to make the images clickable top open the “zoom”?

    I see there is an option in the Theme Options, to remove the “zoom” and “link” buttons from the images, making the full image clickable to open the portfolio page, but instead, I would need to use the zoom option when the image is clicked.

    I appreciate your help. Thank you.



    You can disable the the lightbox for portfolio by going to “Theme Options > Portfolio Page” and check the “Disable hover and lightbox on portfolio” option at the very end of the tab. That will disable the lightbox and will take the user directly to the project.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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