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    I have some performance problems with the Agile Theme that I’d like to address and would like to identify if these are:

    • A problem of the theme
    • A problem with the hosting
    • Some other cause

    In general page load times are pretty slow. The first time you access the site ( the landing page gets stuck showing the loading icon and is unable to progress.

    Subsequent accesses are able to progress but are in the above 5sec load time.

    When analyzing the page, there are tons of JS and Css that could be minified, compacted into a file and compressed. Is this possible?

    To speed up things:

    • I’ve configured a static subdomain.
    • I ‘ve added a cache plugin
    • I’ve configured a CDN

    Nothing has improved performance.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


    Are you using a plugin named rocket (probably the caching plugin)? Looks like it is filtering all the scripts for some reason and causing some form of error leading to home page not showing up when the site loads first. Actually the site does load fully but the page loading icon never goes away which is perhaps due to a script alteration or error ( I do not see any error). Can you pls disable this plugin and instead of use WP Super Cache and see if that helps improve the situation?

    I do see that scripts have been executing a bit slow on your server too. When I run a performance profile on your server, most of the CPU is being consumed by two scripts cloudflare.min.js and rocket.js, which are not part of theme itself. Can you pls make changes accordingly and see if the situation improves?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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