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    I noticed that when I use the parallax feature in a segment with a background picture, the picture is initially vertically centered. Once I start to scroll down, the picture jumps so that it starts at a different position, vertically above center and then starts scrolling.

    Is there way to indicate where to initially place the picture (e.g. 60% from the top) and ensure that the scrolling starts from this position to avoid a jump?

    Here’s an example. Look at the picture at the top of this page and then start scrolling down.

    This the code I use:

    [segment id=”home-heading” class=”slogan” background_image=”” parallax_background=”true” background_speed=”0.4″ style=’background-attachment:inherit’]



    Hi Kgruen,

    Your picture looks great. On my website I have used the revolution slider to get this. But I have problems with the height. I need to ajust it, because on a computer it looks too big. I changed the height, but I need to change the text and the position of the text.
    You just used a segment. But with that you can’t use text on it that moves or comes in the picture later.

    my website:




    I might be able to get it to work using the revolution slider. But the segment is so simple and easy to use and maintain. So I’m hoping there is a solution using segments.

    Thanks for your tip anyway!



    Keith – pls change the value of responsive attribute to false at line number 658 of js/main.js file and you should do fine. Setting it to true forces stellar js to calculate backgroud-position on load and window resize and in our case, it is not required and recommended value is false due to performance reasons. I have changed the theme to reflect this and next update will have this change.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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