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    I’d like to know how to easily modify or create page templates for extinct. From what I can tell most of the pages use custom functions in the framework so making small changes to page templates seems rather difficult without modifying the core theme. :/

    1) On the “Blog” page, using the page template “blog”, the title of the page always shows as “Blog” even if that page is called “Articles”.

    I tried to create a custom page template in the child theme based on the “blog” template, however, that template heavily references core framework functions. How do I get the “blog” title to honour the page title?

    2) Trying to use the Modern Tribe’s “Events” calendar and running into an issue where when choosing to use the “Full Width” template with the calendar causes the front-end title to show up as “Untitled”.

    I created a custom page template in my child theme based on the “full width” template to try to manually modify the page title but am again, running into the same issue as above, where all the pages seem to heavily reference core theme framework functions.

    What is the best way to get a title to appear on this page?

    3) As much as I love building sites in shortcodes it’s just not end user friend when passing off a site to a client. They usually end up deleting part of the shortcode when attempting to modify their content. I have installed/activated Visual Composer to use with Extinct but their are some hiccups (i.e tab shortcodes and a few others). I might suggest it would be worthwhile to look into making Extinct compatible with a visual editor like Visual composer right off the bat.

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    Without custom functions, it is hard for us to reuse code and it is hard for theme authors to maintain/extend code since a slight change will affect many different files – the way site templates work. You can do the following to display the title in the child theme which should fix the events calendar issue too –

    add_filter('mo_show_page_title', 'mo_show_post_title');
    if (!function_exists('mo_show_post_title')) {
        function mo_show_post_title() {
            echo '

    '; the_title(); echo '

    '; return true; } }

    You can also override the function mo_populate_tagline() in the child theme. The current mo_populate_tagline() function is located at line number 692 in framework/functions/utility-functions.php file.

    As of now, we do not have plans to integrate with Visual Composer. I understand the frustration of yours though when someone just messes up the code by deleting the content. Have you tried providing enough spacing between shortcodes so that they don’t get deleted or modified when editing something else? I usually give two line breaks between each shortcodes so that the users see the grouping clearly.

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    Not clear on your query microoffice2014. Can you pls clarify what you are trying to achieve? I would appreciate if you open a separate thread for this. Thank you.

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