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    When the page loads, it reloads again. I already disabled every plugin minus VC and still same issue.

    I added a video to another page and it did not double load.

    Please advise


    Can you pls briefly explain about the issue?


    When you go to the page, it loads fine but then it reloads itself. When you click on the link , you will see it loads and then about a second later, it reloads itself


    any update to this?


    I found no issue.
    Can you pls do a hard refresh and check the page ?


    It only works on desktop.

    The page loads and then reloads. I have had 5 people see this issue on desktop but not on mobile


    here is a video of what is happening


    Can you share a temp login to this site as a private msg?

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    Can you pls quickly switch to default theme Twenty Fifteen and see if this can be reproduced? When I check through the developer tools, I am seeing that this is due to a class named vc_grid-loading from VC Composer. If it can be reproduced through the default theme, I would report to the VC support team on this.

    The page is not being loading twice – it is just that there is an animation that is being played on the elements in a delayed manner.


    How do i contact them? I only have the plugin via you guys


    They just got back to me and said they only support direct buys, so please, how do I fix this issue? My client wants the videos to be loaded.


    This is probably due to JS that is making the videos responsive. I commented out the same functionality in js/main.js file –

        /* $("#content, #sidebar-primary, #footer").fitVids(); */
        // Take care of maps too - - customSelector option
        /* $("#content").fitVids({ customSelector: "iframe[src^='']"});
        $("#content").fitVids({ customSelector: "iframe[src^='']"}); */

    But for some reason your setup does not reflect the changes and the videos are still being made responsive by the code –

    Do you know why the JS edited does not reflect the changes? Are you using caching of some kind? Strange thing – the code does not exist in the linked file above.


    seems like the siteground cacher was the issue and its fine now. I have to relink the videos but will see what happens.


    Seems like it is happening again- can you check to see if your code is still there?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)
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