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    Hi again. Does Enigmatic support multiple portfolios? We’d like to have a few with different content on each one…


    Another question… I’m using the grid layout for my blog, but can’t get the featured image to display as thumbnail size. Do featured images need to be resized manually?

    Here’s the page:


    Not sure what you meant by multiple portfolios. The way to organise the portfolios at present is to have multiple categories.

    The grid layout does display featured images as thumbnails and it does resize automatically. I checked your blog and I see that the resizing is happening.

    Can you post here a temp login as a private message? I can take a look and see what’s happening. Thanks

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    Never mind about the thumbnail issue – I see what you mean – I had it set to full width and that’s why the images appeared so large. I’d still appreciate help with the other questions though – thanks!


    Creating different category pages is as simple as using a shortcode in each page with the required params indicating the category for which you need the portfolio items. Pls see this post for some discussion on this –

    For changing the footer text, pls have a look at the option “Footer Insert” under Footer tab in theme options.

    For changing the line-height of the project showcase, pls use Custom CSS in the theme options –

    .post-snippets .hentry .entry-title a {
    font-size: 16px;
    line-height: 26px;

    Thank you meteorite, I love this theme and sincerely appreciate your help!

    I implemented the solution you suggested and it worked beautifully. But now I can’t figure out how to display the portfolio categories and enable the filterable functionality on each of these portfolio pages… Is that possible?


    Filterable function is not possible since the images are in different pages. But you can create links to each of these category pages and users can navigate between these categories.

    Normally, our users have created navigation links in the header menu to each of these pages since these menu links stay across pages. So you would create a dropdown menu named Portfolio with each of the dropdown items linking to each of the category pages you just created. The Portfolio link itself will link to one of the regular portfolio pages so that if someone wants to see them all, they can. Hope this helps.


    Thank you for all the suggestions!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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