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    My support expires today, but I have one last issue on

    On the homepage in the masonry, one image is not displaying correctly on mobile. It’s a vertically longer image than the rest, just like this project which is long in the masonry:

    On desktops it’s fine, but when all images are displayed vertically (like on mobile), the long image is as high as the other images, which causes it to be cropped, which is ugly. I tried playing with column sizes for the thumbnail but that didn’t help.

    How can I fix this to be like the Wired demo? 🙂
    This will be my last question, so I wanted to thank you guys for the help you’ve given in the past weeks!


    Pls upload images having same aspect ratio and see if that makes any better .


    Same aspect ratio as what? The other portfolio images?

    Cause that would mean the tall image will be the same as the default images, so the masonry won’t stay like this. I need the masonry to just stay like this on desktop, but the yellow image gets cropped on mobile. While in your demo the vertical image remains in tact on mobile.

    Your “portfolio9-tall.jpg” is 750 x 1000 pixels, and my image is exactly 750 x 1000 as well, so that can’t be it.


    Such a beautiful site and great portfolio – congratulations! Regarding the issue – pls check this piece of code in your custom CSS –


    which kicks in mobile resolutions. If removed, the image will look fine. If you face one or two issues in future, pls feel free to contact us here. Thanks.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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