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    i write this post because i received few days ago from my host (ovh) a message said that 150 email have been sent from my web site in really short time and there antispam filter block it.
    They said to me that i have to chez my scripts to see what’s wrong.

    The problem is that, i don’t know exactly what scripts it is. What i have to research and what i have to find ?

    I know that it not depend of extinct theme but, as i am lose, maybe somebody can help me.

    What i have done for the meoment:
    1) delete all formulaire plugin like contactform
    2) Active firewall application on my host back office
    3)download firebug on firefox but i don’t know what to find in code .

    I join the csv file of the email catch by ovh.

    Thanks to tell me what to do to protect my site and clean it if it’s necessary.

    Yours sincerely,

    Sylvain Paolini


    The theme itself has just the contact form which actually sends email to the server from the browser frontend (on user’s machine) and not outside of the server. I cannot think of a situation where something can send out email from the WordPress installation unless you are using some plugin. You can also temporarily shift to free plugin Contact Form 7 with captcha support and see if that helps.


    Thanks for the reply. Ovh said that my site was hacked. What’s strange is that’s a little website (only 30 visit/day) so i don’t understand what is the csv file i put in attached file. Because we see in this csv that ovh block about 150 mail sent in very short time…

    it’s like chinese form me and i don’t what to do and if it’s dangerous for my website.

    above the text of the mail sent to me by ovh: (sorry it’s in french)

    “[OVH-Mail] Spam depuis votre (vos) adresse(s) mail le 2014-11-14

    SAS OVH –
    2 rue Kellermann
    BP 80157
    59100 Roubaix

    Cher client(e),

    Nous avons détecté un problème avec les adresses mail suivantes :

    Certains messages envoyés depuis ces adresses mail ont été identifiés en tant que courrier indésirable par notre filtre antispam.

    Vous trouverez en pièces jointes des informations détaillées concernant chacun des messages bloqués.

    Pour information il est possible que ces emails soient envoyés à votre insu.

    Dans tout les cas , si vous souhaitez plus de précision il est nécessaire de créer un tickent incident depuis votre manager :
    Section “Support” => “Déclarer un incident”

    ID de notification: 5467244e8e4a0e02601ee39a


    Support Client OVH ”

    sorry to take your time with that,

    yours sincerelly

    sylvain paolini

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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