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    I’m trying to use this Livemensh Grid Widget to output only specific category’s post. My case this cat id is 5. So far by putting “cat=5” inside additional section in the Build Posts Query that successfully outputs only the post of cat=5 but header (portfolio / taxonomy) filter still outputs all the category names that are registered in the website even though most of them are irrelevant not in use / nothing to do with cat=5. I want to see the filter names that are identical to only the child categories of that cat=5 as parent. For example if there are 5 categories under the cat=5. I want those 5 category slugs appear in the filter section. Is there any way to do this?

    Also I’m wondering if there is a way to limit outputting only the latest from each child category as well. This is actually not only for this particular Livemesh Grid widget but also for other livemesh post snippet widget… For example, if there are 5 child categories under the cat=5, I want the number of output be 5 (all the latest from each child categories). If there is a custom code, I would like to know.

    Thank you.


    palmtree – Sorry about the delayed reply. At present, the filter gets changed to the chosen categories only if you specify one or more categories in the Taxonomies field of Build Query window. The functionality is there but limited to Taxonomies field since it is hard for us to read custom query arguments specified in Additional field with its innumerable possibilities.

    And also if you do specify the taxonomy argument, the build query function of the siteorigin page builder does not return the elements that belong to child taxonomy terms. So, the query results output would be just those posts which belong to category 5 and no posts which belong to child categories is returned by the siteorigin query builder. You can verify the same by the red colored number of posts that gets displayed in the Build Posts Query button.

    Hence, even if we built a filter which takes into account child categories, it would not be useful since no posts from the child categories would be populated. The cat=5 does the same and returns no child category posts.


    I see… Thanks for the explanation. It seems like it is lot more complicated than I thought… No problem I will create the loop without using those widget.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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