livemesh grid abstract text not normalized anymore in v2.0.0

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    Olivier Langlois

    Abstract text used to be normalized. In v2.0.0, If I have a heading or text in bold, it shows up as is in the grid. I’m not sure that I like this change…

    Look for yourself in the attached images…

    Also, the Load More button stopped working in v2.0.0. Instead of trigering an AJAX call, the browser moves back to the top of the page… but this is a separate problem. I’ll look more into it…

    Actually, I will look into those 2 issues more myself. I’m just reporting and giving you feedback on my 2.0.0 upgrade experience…

    Olivier Langlois

    Ok guilty code is has been changed from:

    wp_trim_words(wp_strip_all_tags(strip_shortcodes($excerpt)), $excerpt_count, ‘…’);


    do_shortcode(force_balance_tags(html_entity_decode(wp_trim_words(htmlentities($excerpt), $excerpt_count, ‘…’))));

    So I can report you that the the new code generate ugly output…

    Olivier Langlois

    I’m a bit upset… The AJAX called is done when I click on the ‘load_more’ button. Server returns the next page data fine but instead of being appended as it used to… The Grid HTML is totally wipped out and I have a big empty fancybox overlay.

    This fancybox stuff that I have no idea what it is for has obviously hasn’t been tested well.

    Olivier Langlois

    if I disable fancybox totally by doing

    initLightbox: function ($blockElem) {} in lvca-blocks.js

    the problem goes away.

    It seems that fancybox doesn’t like this statement at all

    in _doAjaxBlockProcessResponse() function

    Let me say again that I am not happy at all to have stumble into that shitty problem. As a paying customer, I shouldn’t have to waste time doing this debugging.

    I feel that you have failed in your testing duty with this release, please be more careful about that…


    Olivier – sorry for the trouble the update caused you. You can disable the lightbox in the configuration window by having the ‘Enable Lightbox Gallery’ unchecked. Not sure why fancybox has issues with AJAX calls. I am not seeing this issue in our production as well as dev servers. Pls see here – We additionally have the same changes implemented for ELementor page builder and no issues reported so far from past one week.

    Can you share a temp login to the site?

    Olivier Langlois

    Raghavendra, you are right. The problem occurs only in my specific setup…


    Can you pls share a temp login to your site here as a private msg ?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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