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    Question – I’m trying to link to a team member’s bios in a tabbed accordion – wonder if anyone has any suggestions?

    Link to my site:

    Go to “Team” primary navigation. I have “Board Members” or “Professionals”. Is it possible to link directly to the opened team member’s bios? Right now I just have every team member link going to team.html but the client would like it to link to the opened bios of the selected team member.

    Many thanks in advance. Great theme!


    It is possible provided you just have tabs and not have accordions “hiding” the bios. In each of the two tabs, you list the bios one after another by wrapping each bio with a

    element, each with unique id of its own. So, for Peter O’Brien, you would have something like –

    Peter has many years of experience in ....

    and when you build the WP menu, you would link to this bio directly like below –

    Hope this makes sense.


    My question is similar to the above but just for the accordion.

    the site I’m working on is:

    Is it possible to:
    1. load the page with no accordion open.
    2. link to the page specifying which accordion will be open? (links to each services are from the homepage)



    1. To load the page with no accordion open just remove the “type = first” attribute from the shortcode, or better use the below shortcode

    [toggle title="Title 1"]
    Any HTML content goes here - images, lists, formatted text etc.
    [toggle title="Title 2"]
    Any HTML content goes here.
    [toggle title="Title 3"]
    Any HTML content goes here.
    [read_more text="Know More" href="#" target="_self" arrows=" →" style="font-size:12px;margin-top:20px;"]

    2. ” link to the page specifying which accordion will be open?”
    Unfortunately this is not possible as the toggle is handled by Javascript and it has no way to know which service item was clicked in some other page. So the alternative would be the way Livemesh has mentioned in the previous reply. Hope that helps. Thanks!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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