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    I’m using the Livemesh Shortcode for Tabs and would like to link directly to a tab on the page.

    I’ve noticed that each tab has the same URL, so linking directly isn’t possible right now, is there another way? When I right click on the tab and choose “Copy URL,” paste that in a new window, the page still opens with the first tab open.

    Is there a way I could wrap that tab title in an anchor tag or something, so I could get a direct link to that specific tab?


    I want to provide a link that goes directly to the “Unrecognized” tab.


    Sorry at present, there is no direct way to do this unless you customize the theme Javascript to load a certain tab based on certain conditions (since I assume it you need to load the specific only in certain situations). At present, I do not know exactly how this could be accomplished since we have never tried this before.

    The JQuery Tools library that we use for tabs does not help achieve this by default since it uses a common URL # for all tabs.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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