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    Hello again ,

    I´m almost finished with my website but I´ve a couple of small problems which I cannot solve.
    I tried and tried but nothing works.

    One of them is with the languages. I´ve changed it to Dutch and almost everthing is oké.
    But above each post there are some english words like by, categories and
    strange enough: geen reacties ( no comment) will change to 3 comments ( instead of 3 reacties)

    Can you please give me an advice what to do?

    Just one more question :

    Where can I change the default.css ?
    I have some difficulties with a hover in de recent post widget and I can change this in the default.css

    Thanks a lot!!



    Language can be translated as instructed in the documentation chapter named Translation and Localization in the documentation. Will require you to install the poedit and edit the .po files in the languages folder of the theme.

    Edit the .po file using the PoEdit – You should be able to locate strings like by, categories, comments etc. and input the corresponding words in dutch.

    Regarding the color change, locate the below code in the default.css file at line number 5 and 14 and change the color code

    .post-snippets .hentry .entry-title a:hover, .entry-title a:hover { color: #c0442f !important; }
    .sidebar li:hover > a { color: #c0442f !important; }

    Found it! Thanks a lot.


    Great. Thanks for letting us know.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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