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    Hi. We are embedding an embed code into one of our pages of our site. You can see it here:


    The embed code works sporadically. Its especially troubleshoot in Internet Explorer, the browser that the majority of our customer base utilizes.

    We’ve spoken with the service provider for the embed code (its an online auction system), and they told us the following:

    In Chrome, if you open up developer tools (option + cmd + i) and click the “Console” tab, then reload the page, you will see something like this
    “Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function”

    To the right of that text is the file it is coming from, which is “jquery.easing.1.3.js:46” the :46 means it is line 46 of that file.

    The WordPress theme still has javascript errors in it. It seems to be coming from the following javascript code:

    $(‘.dropdown-menu-wrap > ul’).superfish({ delay: 100, // one second delay on mouseout animation: {height: ‘show’}, // fade-in and slide-down
    animation speed: ‘fast’, // faster animation speed autoArrows: false // disable generation of arrow mark-up });

    The error is: “Object doesn’t support property or method ‘superfish’”
    This is coming from outside of the NextLot app.
    Apparently this has been a known issue with IE and superfish since 2010.

    How can we fix this superfish javascript issue? Its imperative that this works correctly. Thanks.


    Just to clarify – I did not notice this error in Chrome. Am I understanding this right if this is an IE only issue? If so, which version of IE. Can you pls clarify? Thanks

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