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    I’ve put in custom screenshots on my iPhone slider, but the alt text for them is “Lorem ipsum” – how can I set the alt text?

    In the wordpress media library, my screenshot images have “alternative text” and “description” set.


    ps. great theme!


    At line number 177 of framework/shortcodes/slider-shortcodes.php file, you will find the Lorem Ipsum string that you can just delete. At present, since we specify the image URLs manually in the slider shortcode, there is no support for image titles. I can think of some way to achieve this but not sure if it will really help the users since they may not be able to see it. Probably deleting the same is best way to go.

    I have modified the theme to clear out this string and the change will be part of next update of the theme.


    Thanks, deleting will be fine. I don’t really need the title at all. But when a user taps and hovers over the image on the website, the Lorem ipsum pops up as you can see in the screenshot. I just don’t want that. So deleting is fine. thanks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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