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    Hi there,

    we were wondering why our google analytics code was not working. Then we noticed that the option strips out the <script>. Looking at the code we found that in the page the code was not surrounded by <script> when rendered in the page.

    So we changed this:

    diff ./framework/extensions/framework-extender.php,orig ./framework/extensions/framework-extender.php
    < echo ‘< div class=”hidden”>’ . $analytics_code . ‘< /div>’;

    > echo ‘<script>’ . $analytics_code . ‘</script>’;

    (I hope this is readable to you, I had to change it a bit because of the editor of this site. Basically this should be a diff where we replaced the div tags with script tags surrounding the

    Hope that is correct?



    Actually we had to cripple this functionality in our Fusion theme due to security concerns raised by ThemeForest theme review team. It is no longer allowed for users to enter scripts in theme options or other settings.

    Pls use a plugin like this one –

    We will have this option removed from the theme options in future update of the theme.


    Aha, that explains it. Thank you for the reply. I would urge you to put a notification about this issue somewhere. It took me about 1h to understand why our tracking code did not work.


    Sure and will remove this option asap. Sorry for the trouble.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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