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    Jaime SanchezJaime Sanchez


    I have a paged image gallery showing 9 images in each page, with lightbox gallery enabled.
    The total amount of images is 45 (5 pages)

    When i click on one image, the lightbox opens and i can navigate only through the 9 images on the page with previous/next buttons, but it is not possible to reach an image from the next page. To get that, you have to close the lightbox, got to the next page of the gallery, and open the lightbox again to navigate through the next 9 images.

    Is there a chance to open the lightbox on page 1, and navigate through the lightbox images with the next button until image 45?

    Thanks for your help


    I am afraid that is possible only if you choose to disable pagination and display all 45 in one go.

    You can also try using “Load More” option which will help the user navigate all 45 items provided they have hit the load more that many times to view all items. At least it will display all items which are seen on the grid. Displaying all items without loading them in the grid can confuse the user IMO.

    Jaime SanchezJaime Sanchez

    Thanks for your answer

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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