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    I suggest you rewrite theme documentation. You really have a great product but I believe it would be even better and more “usable” to the average user, in the end – making more revenues for you.

    Why is there not an easily findable info on images and icons (I have another thread on icons, I finally made them work)?

    What size should the images be?
    How does the theme work when resizing them?

    Im not getting good results with portfolios for example. Check this one out:

    I took your cue and created images similar to the one that you have provided with the theme – one for the “paralax” header, second one as the porftolio item representation (composite image). The second one looks kind of ok, although it’s a bit blurry on my monitor. The header just won’t fit the way it should.

    I first uploaded the 1920 x 1190 size which made the portfolio information section too low on the page. I then truncated the image in Photoshop and made it a bit shorter, 1920×900 (same width) and now the login fields and the logo aren’t centered on the page.

    How do I make it nice and centered and with Portfolio information just peeping from the bottom of the screen (so that the users know theres more if they scroll down)?

    Also, there is a project name in white letters over the middle ov the image, where can I turn this off or change the font color? It really doesn’t fit in our case.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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