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    Ingo AhnfeldtIngo Ahnfeldt

    After the last WordPress update any Icons are not displayed. There is only a placeholder. It is on the Menu where the phone should displayed and anywhere else.

    One of my 2 Domains is this: https://online-marketing-akademie.com where you can check it.

    What can I do? A website should not be online that way.


    In order to speed up the theme and get rid of bloat coming from unwanted icons from the theme, we have a new icon set added to the latest version of the theme. We have gone from 2 MB size to 200-300KB in icon file size.

    Pls change the references to icon-* in your HTML to match those listed here – https://www.livemeshthemes.com/wp-content/uploads/cosmic-icons/demo.html. For example, in your timeline view, you need to change references to icon-calendar11 to icon-calendar or icon-calendar-o as supported by the new version.

    Pls read the migration instructions in the help documentation once to get a better perspective of the changes done to the theme. Detailed instructions are provided there on how to handle upgrades to 5.x version of the theme.

    Pls use a plugin like https://wordpress.org/plugins/font-awesome/ in case you need icons other than what is provided with theme.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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