I want to add an image next to the name in the Team slider view

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    In the team-shortcodes.php file – line 265 is this line of code:
    $output .= '<li><a href="#slider-member' . ++$member_count . '">' . $name . '</a></li>';
    Can you help me? I need to add the image associated with the member in this list. In fact what I really want is to have 2 images associated with a member in the array, one for the list and the one that shows after you click the list.


    I’m afraid that adding two images would require lot of complex code modifications, and we cannot provide that kind of support in these forums.


    Ok, How about just adding the image to the list then?


    why can't you delete a post that you created on this blog?
    Since I couldn’t delete it I may as well ask this question.


    Ok, If I had to guess how to add an image with the link – this would be it.
    $output .= '<li><a href="#slider-member' . ++$member_count . '"><img src= "#slider-member' . ++$member_count . $photoUrl'' . $name . '</img></a></li>';
    I have no idea what the variable name is – or even if there is one, I chose $photoUrl.
    Can this be explained without saying that it is too complex to code modifications


    I am not sure what you meant by $photoURL here or how you are initializing it but you need to call the method mo_thumbnail() to display the image. There are quite a few examples of this in the theme source code and in the team-shortcodes.php file as well.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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