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    Hello, has the issue with the “Home” nav item being highlighted while on blog posts been looked at any further? This behavior is still seen on the AppDev demo, as going to this post still highlights “Home”:

    This was partially addressed on the following forum thread about child pages:

    Livemesh’s explanation:

    “By default, if there is nothing selected or no menu item active, the lava lamp menu sticks to home since this being a single page theme, the user is expected to be on the home page by default. Even if there are additional pages, the theme assumes there is a navigation in the menu for that page to help user navigate to this page. I see issues with this approach when you are visiting certain pages like the categories or individual blog posts. Will have a look at this issue and fix it in the next update – should be out by early next week. Hope this helps.”

    We have aBlog link on our top nav, and our client has asked several times about Home being highlighted while on a blog post. Is there any possible workaround? Or at the very least, perhaps “hide” the highlight when viewing a post?



    Hi, this code is for disabling the view of the hover while your on an individual post.

    .single .hover-bg {display: none}

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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