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    Hi LiveMesh,

    Really impressed with the work you’ve done on this theme, we’re expecting it’s going to add a lot of value to us. A couple of questions for you that would really help us get started with the theme:

    1. How do we create the “Join the conversation” section that appears on your demo site at at the bottom of the page? When we imported all the demo data most things appeared to show up fine but this section was missing

    2. This is probably a noob question, but is there a reference for all the shortcodes that come with your theme? At the moment we’re finding ourselves reverse-engineering things by looking at the pages you have in the dummy data and replicating the shortcodes they use … but as soon as we want to do something a little more original that’s not going to work so well

    Thanks for your help & keep up the great work!



    Hi! We’re very happy that you are enjoying the theme. For your questions:

    1. The “Join the conversation” segment is a widget inside the footer. To generate those segments you’ll need to apply “Social Icons” widgets on your footer. You’ll find it the widget section of your wp-dashboard.
    2. You can find all that info in the shortcodes section of your documentation.

    Hope that was helpful!!

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    You can see this post here for replicating the social section in the footer . Regarding the shortcodes, you can find shortcodes when you import the sample data, also most of the shortcodes are listed in the demo site, and you can find them by navigating to “pages > Shortcodes”. Let me know if you want any help on specific shortcode. Thanks!


    Hi Nexus,

    Thanks for your help, I hadn’t spotted that forum question about the footer before. That resolved my issue fine.

    As for the shortcodes, I got the impression there were a lot of shortcodes being used in the theme that weren’t all documented on the shortcodes pages. For example, the [piechart] shortcode used on the stats page, or some of the gallery elements like [show_portfolio] … often there is an example included in your samples, but i’m interested in knowing what all the options are for each tag.

    I’ve also noticed that the icons included in the theme don’t quite match up 100% with the tags as documented at For example, icon-heart3 exists in the icon pack but isn’t in the documentation … is there an updated version of the docs so I can see exactly what icons are included?



    The updated icons for Agile are documented here –

    and not the URL linked above.

    I understand your requirement on the shortcodes. We are working hard on it. We are readying an update to be released next week with updated documentation. This will include documentation of all of the shortcodes that comes with the theme and with all the options/params covered for each of these shortcodes. For now, the sample data is the one which is exposing some of these shortcodes and kind of params they take. We will take care of this soon for sure. Thanks.

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    Hi! Please start a separated topic for your query and we’ll start working on it. Have you tried one of the solutions suggested above?


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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