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    There is this amazingly frustating latent ‘animation’ issue that I cannot find the root of, and hopefully you can.

    On my site, when you hover on a menu item in the header primary nav > and then move to another menu item > this latent orange bottom border appears on the menu item you’re leaving.

    Can you see what I’m talking about?
    How do I fix the issue?

    Site: dev.babalucas.com/sgp2


    It is not an issue – it is a feature. The lava lamp menu is designed to behave that way. So far no one has any issues with the same. Any particular reason why you want to remove it? We can get rid of highlighting completely if required.


    i didn’t mean to say the lava lamp menu itself is an issue; it’s that the color is orange when the site is green and tan.

    I would greatly appreciate feedback on two options: getting rid of it completely AND how to control the color of that latent piece of the animation. Then I can decide whether to keep it and make it a color I choose or eliminate completely.


    The Custom CSS –

    #primary-menu > ul.menu > li> ul.sub-menu {
    border-color: #3C695B;

    will get rid of it (basically hide it with the color same as that of header).

    If you make the above change AND change the header color to something else than the theme color chosen by you, you should see lavalamp animation. Currently since the header color exactly matches that of the custom color chosen by you, the highlighting is not noticeable.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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