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    I’m working on a website for my company that showcases some of the work we’ve done. I have the portfolio sorted into categories by the type of project (print design, digital, in-store displays, etc.). However, many of our projects have components from multiple categories.

    So let’s say I have a project that has a website component as well as a print ad component. I want to make it so that when all of the portfolio items are visible, there’s a single link for the project that would lead to a page with both the print ad AND the website. However, if I click ‘websites’ in the category filter, I want a separate page to show up that only has the website for that particular project. This page should not be visible when “All” is selected, only when “Website” is selected. So essentially I just need to figure out how to hide the category-specific pages when the page first loads and “All” is selected.

    Is there a way of doing this?


    I cannot think of a way to do it the way you are describing. Hiding certain page when all is selected is not supported currently and can be confusing to the user.

    Here are couple of options –

    1) Straight forward – showcase both in the same page like here by having section within the portfolio page which belongs to each category ( you probably already know this way so nothing new here ) –



    2) Have a single portfolio item for a client/work and then create pages (not portfolio items) for each category – one for print design and other for website for that project and link to these pages (with a view details link from portfolio item). That way someone interested in website can navigate to this page to know more details about the project. You can have a slider or a gallery of some kind in the portfolio item which provides some screenshots of both categories so that they stay interested.

    That’s pretty much what I can think of. Sorry – wish I could help more. Thanks

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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