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    Hello, I have experienced a couple of glitches with the Slider Revolution (SR) plugin.

    1. When activating Lazy Load on SR, we noticed a glitch when viewing with the latest Safari (v7) and IE11 on our site and with your demo preview as well. When clicking through the menu links that links to the various sections on a single-page template and then clicking on the Home link, the very large full-width background image of the sliders appear to compress horizontally to fit into the browser width making them look “squished”. I have attached a couple of screencaps for reference. After some investigation online, it appears that the Lazy Load function was the culprit. Deactivating it solved the visual glitch but means that the our slider does not load first which our client originally complained about.

    Some folks had suggested to purchase SR to get the latest version to correct the issue with the Lazy Load so I purchased, downloaded, and installed the latest version of 4.0.6. Updating appeared to fix the issue with the horizontal compression glitch with Lazy Load activated which is great! However, this led to glitch #2.

    2. The full-width banner slider now shifts to the right about 20+ pixels any time we hover our cursor over the slider leaving a gap on the left. I have submitted a ticket to the developers of SR and am waiting for a response, but I noticed that they usually say to contact the theme developers (who package the SR plugin with themes) to address some issues because theme developers sometimes either modify the plugin or have elements that override the plugin functionality.



    With a bit of help, I was able to determine that the cause of the extra spacing on hover with the newer Slider Revolution version was due to the following in the AppDev theme style.css:

    .widget ul li:hover { padding-left: 22px; }

    This is because the Slider Revolution resides in a widget on the single page. Once I added a custom style to override the left padding to set it to 0, the slider no longer shifts over on hover. The curious thing is why the left padding didn’t trigger on hover on the older Slider Revolution included with the AppDev theme.

    Anyways, both my glitches resolved and hopefully this info will help others.



    Thanks Frank for the information. Really appreciate your time and effort.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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