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    Hi there! Currently I am using the revolutionary slider on the home page… which I love, but my client would like a full image that really pops.. An image that fills the whole screen, so it is much taller in height and is stationary. (like this site: http://www.saludsa.com/) There is an option in the image to click a button and it scrolls to another section. Is there away to do this with any of the setting for the home page? How can I just put a stationary image, that will fill the entire screen like the sample page above? Maybe just a single image in the revolutionary slider.. and how would i allow it to fill the screen more… can I change the size? I might be making it more complicated then what it is lol!

    The image on the left is how we would like the home page banner to be… the image on the right is currently ours… you can see it doesnt fill the page and its a rotating banner. http://www.bauinmobiliaria.com/

    Thanks so much!


    There is a setting in the revolution slider to stop slider after a specific slide. In the revolution slider settings you will find “Stop Slider” within the “Loop and Progress” settings. You will have to enable it and set the value of “Stop at Slide” to 1.

    You can set height and width according to your requirement in revolution slider > settings > Main Slider settings.And you can set the navigation arrows to none under “Navigation” .

    Hope that helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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