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    Q1.Please find the attached two screenshots. How do i implement the “JOIN THE CONVERSATION” section with social media as it is in to my site mahobabo(url:
    Q2. How do i add an site icon just left to the “JOIN THE CONVERSATION” section. please find the attached 1.png for this.
    Q3. I am using portfolio for kunden( and i want 5 column with center alignment. i didn’t find any settings for this in admin panel.
    Q4. I am not able to change the frontend language to germany. i want this ste in germany. find the “AGENTUR” section here “About” word is coming, i want it in germany along with the contact form too.


    1,2.Pls go through this thread –

    3.Pls go through the “Portfolio Shortcodes” section in themedocumentation.

    4.You can learn from about translating your site into your language. Pls make sure you add the entry for your language into wp-config.php file like this –

    define ('WPLANG', 'fr_FR');

    Pls use the pot files in ‘agile/languages’ folder as a template to create .po files. -Poedit is the popular free editor for creating .po and the corresponding binary .mo files.

    You may need to do an update in POEdit to see all the strings.


    First of all thank you so much for great help. I have did maximum, but still having the following issues.
    I have followed the instruction but max 4 column is showing in portfolio, i am not able to make it five column.
    And the backend language is changed to Detusch but the fronend language is still not changed after doing all these. find the contact form here you will find Name,Email,Phone etc are still in english, please tell me how can i change this to Detusch?
    Thank You


    Pls try to modify the strings in file contact-shortcodes.php (framework/shortcodes/contact-shortcodes.php) line nos: 42,44,46,50,53,55,59.
    Pls find the attached screenshot.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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