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    I know I can adjust the flexslider animation speed in the Theme Options / Flex Slider settings. However, these changes do not seem to actually change anything. The speed seems ‘fixed’ at the default: 3000 milliseconds. Can I change this any other way (php file perhaps)?




    If anyone else is looking for this solution: editing the .js files does not do anything. At all. What you can do, is disable the animation altogether. Navigate to your agile/js/libs folder, open jquery.flexslider.js and scroll all the way down to the //Flexslider: Default Settings. Change ‘slideshow: true,’ to ‘slideshow: false,’. Done.

    In my opinion, this is better than the fast sliding defaults. This way, visitors can slide when they want to, but don’t have to. And they won’t be distracted by constantly switching images, which is annoying in Blog posts.


    The flex slider animation speed option in the theme option just helps you change the speed for the main slider only – the one you would use in the home page instead of the revolution slider. Except in the blogs, at most places you can control the animation speed with the help of attributes provided for the [responsive_slider] shortcode. For the sliders which show up on the blog, you will need to change the line number 255 of the framework/functions/blog-content.php file to –

    $output = '[responsive_slider slideshow_speed=8000 animation_speed=600 type="thumbnail" ]';

    Pls change the values as per your preference.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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