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    Hello, I try (in local) this wordpress theme and I tried to import data from appdev-sample-data.xml file and except that it take a lot of time to finish when the upload is finish but I solve this problem with spliting xml file 🙂

    I have a lot of “failed upload message” There are a bit example:
    Failed load product_cat bla bla bla….. I’m thinking all catĂ©gory/order/product about WooCommerce plugin are failed to load !!

    What is the solution please ? I have to install Woocommerce before uploading data to avoid this failed message ? And if I don’t need the e-commerce yet, is there problem if the upload is failed ?

    Second question, in your last version 2.0 you say there is a new documentation, I have version 1.0 about documentation and it is Created: 05/24/2013

    Thanks in advance


    Yes, you have to install WooCommerce if you need the sample data of WooCommerce. Otherwise, pls ignore these messages and you import everything else you need. You can always import the WooCommerce sample data later too by pointing to sample xml file located in WooCommerce plugin folder.

    Import can take some time depending on the connection speed, server performance etc.

    Yes, the documentation has been updated in the latest update. Pls ignore the versioning part (2.0 applies to theme only and not documentation – you should see 2.0 version in the themes page). We just start with a help documentation template and that template was created on that date even though theme was released later.

    Pls check this video in case of trouble with the setup –

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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