Failed update from v2.6 > v2.9

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    Hi there,

    I have attempted to update from v2.6 (on a child theme) to v2.9 which has failed.

    Could you advise where the documentation is for upgrades please?

    If you could provide some help that would be great too.

    Basically I downloaded the new updated theme files and renamed the folder from ‘extinct’ to ‘extinct_2.9’, changed the style.css line from ‘Theme Name: Extinct’ to ‘Theme Name: Extinct_2.9’ then zipped it and uploaded it.

    I then pointed the child theme to the new theme.

    I was hoping that this would enable me to keep the old theme there to fall back on.

    When it was uploaded the css scrambled. I then did a fall back and removed the folder I uploaded (extinct_2.9) and changed the child theme back.

    Now there is no info on the pages when on the website? The home page shows ok though?

    Any thoughts?

    I’ll leave a private reply with more info….

    Kind regards in advance,

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    I would advice you to change the old directory to extinct_2.6 and then reinstall the theme into extinct directory (instead of naming it as extinct_2.9). That should work better. Can you give a try and revert back to me in case of trouble?

    The way I update is to replace all files. No matter what method you use (there are plugins too like this – to update easily), you will need to backup your changes and redo any changes you made to the files on the new installation.

    Use tools like DiffMerge or WinMerge to compare the old and new files and redo the changes.


    I will try it later and let you know.
    Fingers crossed.

    Just to clarify, there are no instructions on how to update the theme? I’ll check out those plugins.

    Kind regards,


    For updating we generally recommend the plugin mentioned above and we use the same ourselves. I guess we need such a function to be part of the theme itself. Will explore the option of Envato toolkit which helps manage updates.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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