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    I am just starting out a new project to be based on the Extinct Theme.
    My client loves your theme, and as a developer of course I do to because I suggested it to her.

    But I have always meant to stop in here and pose a suggestion:
    When you install the demo data it comes with 130+ SPAM comments.
    And, you know, for obvious reasons, that’s just wrong, and unnecessary.

    Before you generate and publish a Demo Data import file, don’t you think it would be a good idea to remove this kind of stuff? And yes, of course, I can and am doing that now.

    But by-and-large, non-developer types who use your theme, and/or the 90% of developers who are just careless and sloppy in their work… would just not even know or think to do this.

    So, you’re essentially delivering a theme to people that is FULL OF SPAM and VIRAL MALWARE LINKS. Right?

    Just a suggestion, and BTW, one that I usually have to make to the development team of almost Every, Single, Theme that I buy. *sigh*

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    ACK!!! Same here. TONS of Chinese spam WITH links in the XML file.

    WTH????? Is this fixed now? I just downloaded it all half an hour ago (again), so the “version” I got must be the current one. With spam in the comments?


    Hi kay99_1,

    Can you pls open a new thread so that we can share the latest sample data with you , however we will have an update within a week’s time to address this issue .

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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