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    I have asked the same question to people who created event calendar plugin but it has been difficult for them to understand what I am after..
    So please allow me to post here.

    As the topic says, it is about Event Calendar page below (month calendar view)

    When you press month link blue text underneath calendar (on the right and left bottom (underneath) the calendar, ajax load page to change month on calendar which actually changes URL too right?

    And the invent theme loads the page from header (id = title-area) as the top point where it says “Events” on blue background via this ajax load. It doesn’t go to the top of the page when it’s loaded.

    I want to change it to load from underneath the blue header as the top point where it currently hold data, location and search filter blocks.

    Is it controlled by invent theme file? Perhaps through some Javascript?

    It would be great if you tell me where I should be looking at.
    Thank you!


    The theme has no control over this and handled by the plugin. And as verified by me via developer tools, currently when you click on the previous month links at the bottom, the only content that is reloaded via AJAX is content below the big heading ‘Events for Month 2017’ and above the footer.

    The top portion with header, title header and search/filter attributes is not touched. Only other thing that is modified is the browser URL.


    Thanks for looking at it.
    Then it looks like the plugin that has the control..
    I will go back to the plugin creator about it..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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