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    I would like the ytp_video shortcodes to play a video just once. Currently, this shortcode has ‘loop’ always enabled. The parameter loop="false" has no affect on looping.

    I believe that the mere presence of a ‘loop’ parameter in HTML5 video tag enables looping. Therefore, loop="true", loop="false" and just plain loop will all set this parameter to true. To disable looping, the loop parameter should not appear in the video tag at all. I have a suspicion that the shortcode is miscoded.

    Would you pls tell me how to disable looping in the ytp_video_section shortcode.

    Thank you,


    At present, the loop attribute works only for HTML5 videos and not YouTube videos in Agile theme. Will try to incorporate the same into upcoming update. Meanwhile, pls change the line number 63 of the file framework/shortcodes/video-shortcodes.php to

    '; ?>

    and see if the looping goes away. Pls note that I have added loop: false to the beginning of the video property which the plugin reads to decide on looping. Hope this helps.


BTW, here is the documentation on the plugin, if it makes things clearer –



Hello, the code change did not have any effect. I believe the issue is with the YTPlayer script as another person reported the same problem:


Looping can be disabled by changing the default loop value to false in the jquery.mb.YTPlayer.js script.

I notice that there is a newer version of this script available that may also resolve the black-bar issue at the top of the player.


Hi! This is the name of the plugin file where you can enter those modifications: agile/js/libs/jquery.mb.YTPlayer
Cheers! Hope that’s useful!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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