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    Dmytro KondryukAzzePis

    I think you should add somthing like checkbox to theme options to use Cyrillic subset with google fonts, and change stylezer.php to use somthing like this code:
    $fonts_import .= '@import url(' . $fonts_to_import . '&subset=latin,cyrillic-ext);';

    if checkbox is checked


    Hi! Thanks a lot for your suggestion, we are working in the next update and we’ll look into it to see if it fits to what we’ve been working for the Theme.


    Dmytro KondryukAzzePis

    Hi, I’m using version 1.7 – and still have this trouble.
    Also, I found one more bad thing – you’re importing ‘open sans’ and ‘Raleway’ fonta through style.css. if I in theme options will choose, for example, ‘open sans’ for headings – theme will load ‘open sans’ css twice


    We had to leave the default imports in there to take care of the initial case where the user would have selected none (probably not the best way to do it, I agree). You can remove the same and I will consider deleting them from the style.css in the upcoming update if I am able to add default settings for fonts in case the user chooses none.

    I can add the option for Cyrillic font but we have had like one or two requests max for all of our themes. I am not sure it would be something that we would want to do for everyone considering the number is so small. My feel is that is it is better to customize the theme than make this a general option for everyone. Hope you agree.

    Dmytro KondryukAzzePis

    about Cyrillic font, I think, I can override it in child theme, thankfully you’re using “if exist” statement in with mo_custom_css function

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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