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    Loaded the demo content and started pulling things apart to build a site. Somehow I’ve broken the page between segments, and it now has quite a bit more space between them than the demo site has.

    I’ve looked through the text editor and don’t see anything goofy, so I attempted messing with padding in style.css, but I feel it might be something with clearfix.
    here’s a shot of it.. Any tips?


    Thanks for a great theme!


    Of course, as soon as I post I find what the issue is. However, I can’t figure out why mine is different than demo.
    In style.css, line 654 padding is set to 60. But in the demo, with Chrome Developer Tools it shows 60, but its marked out. Did I somewhere turn off a setting that disabled 60?
    Seeking this out was the only change to CSS I made, so I don’t believe it was through there that I messed it up.


    It’s hard for me to guess in this case what could be different here. So far, I have not come across an issue with clearfix which resembles what you are reporting. If something looks different still, pls send me the URL to the site, I can have a look. Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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