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    I would like to swap the iPhone image on the intro features section (on Home 2 in the original template) for the new image of the iPhone 5S. :, but I cannot find how or where to edit this image source. Any instruction would be much appreciated.

    Ideally, I would also create a version of this page element with an iPad in the place of the iPhone. Is that possible?

    Thank you for your help!



    Pls have a look at my reply for the post –

    iPad slider is too is possible if you add a new shortcode. The php code will be very similar to existing ones for smartphone sliders. You need a new image in the {theme folder}/images/sliders for ipad named ipad-slider-stage.png and then have these shortcodes defined this way –

    function mo_ipad_slider_shortcode($atts) {
        $atts = array_merge(array('device' => 'ipad'), $atts);
        return mo_smartphone_slider_shortcode($atts);
    add_shortcode('ipad_slider', 'mo_ipad_slider_shortcode');

    and you need to write custom CSS similar to the ones in the style.css file at line number 1722 for iphone/htc one/s3 like this –

    .ipad-slider-container { max-width: 730px; }
    .ipad-slider-container .flex-slider-container {   top: 11.3%; left: 10.2%; width: 80%; }

    Thank you very much! Changing the iPhone slider and creating a new slider for iPad has worked out great!


    Glad it worked for you. Thanks for letting us know.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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