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    How do I change the descriptive text in the contact form?

    I imported the theme sample data, and I’d like to use the contact form as is – except for the text, which I need to translate (alerts/messages as well).

    I tried making a form using CF7 instead, but the formatting isn’t anywhere near as nice.

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    You can use a translation file (using POEdit to change the data in languages directory) to change to any string you like. If you do an update in the en_US.po (or another depending on your site language) file, you should see strings like Name:, Email:, Phone: etc. in the strings list available for translation. You would then be able to input any alternate string of your choice there.

    You can get information from about translating your site into your language. Pls make sure you add the entry for your language into wp-config.php file like this –

    define ('WPLANG', 'fr_FR');

    Pls use the pot files in ‘wired/languages’ folder as a template to create .po files. -Poedit is the popular free editor for creating .po and the corresponding binary .mo files.

    You may need to do an update in POEdit to see all the strings. Do reach out to us in case you find something that is not translation ready.


    Thanks for the reply!

    It works out great. Though, I can’t seem to find a string for the submit button. At the moment, the entire form has been translated to danish – except for the button that says “send the message”.


    Pls modify it in file framework/shortcodes/contact-shortcodes.php at line no:31.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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