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    Hi Code Master,

    Sorry for posting many questions..
    I recently found that I cannot click “dropdown parent” of the header menu if the site is displaying in mobile devices such as iPhone.

    In those devices, the header menu becomes vertical dropdown and parent menu (if it has child menu as a dropdown) only serves as toggle click to show its children menu.
    Here even if the parent menu has a href link, it doesn’t work.

    Is it meant to be like this? It cannot be helped?
    Is there any solutions?


    Here is a reply I posted to themeforest comments dashboard sometime back for someone who has the exact same query –

    I see the issue. I guess we need to live with this because if I did enable load page on the click, there is no way for the user to navigate to the submenu item since every time you click on the parent menu item, you end up loading the page. Hope you get it.

    In desktop world, we have two ways to navigate – hover and click and hence it is ok to just open the page when you click on the URL since hover will enable you to navigate still to the submenu item. In the mobile world, there is only touch(=click) action that we use to arrive at the submenu item and hence we need to disable navigation on touch of the parent menu item.

    The way I have been handling this is by having the page linked to by the parent menu item listed also as submenu item so that users do not miss out on the same. When the hover gets enabled and submenu is shown, users often do not click on the item itself and hence you can lose some traffic on that page.

    Hope this helps


    Yes, it makes sense.
    I created a link set with # for href to use toggle purpose only.
    I optimized the site for mobile users rather than PC/Mac users because that’s the point of using responsive website.

    Thank you for your assistance.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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