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    Hi Guys, I do love the theme – nice features. However, I am going crazy and loading up on the hidden divs – then I can use prettyPhoto to pop them up. So now I have two things that aren’t quite right. Sometimes within these hidden divs I have iframes and with those pages I guess I am getting their css and javascript files too. Angular.js is almost half a meg. So I did a save as file to the page and it was 6.5 megs of files. The functionality on a desktop and tablet is pretty cool but
    the prettyPhoto popup on mobile is not very good.
    So I was thinking – can I create another SPA page for only the mobile?
    And, if so, do you know the code to recognize if it is a mobile? Is it done by size/dimension?
    And could you give me your opinion about when is it too much, as far as the size of the accumulated files?


    Agile theme adds classes like mobile-device ios-device to the body tag which you can make use of to hide the popups for mobile devices and then unhide other divs which are meant for mobile devices only using CSS. You can check the same by using emulator in chrome developer tools. popup-div { display: none; } hidden-div { display: block; }
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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