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    I was wondering if there was a relatively easy way to set it up that if a button (using your short code with some text displayed) was clicked the active gallery category display could be changed?

    What I am trying to do at its core is to provide users with 6 buttons and an adjoining image. The image will change depending on what button is pressed. I realize the method above might not be the easiest way to solve this problem, so if you can think of an easier way to accomplish this I’m open to that as well.

    Thanks. Really love the theme overall!


    Not sure I understood your requirement fully. Are you trying to accomplish something like what the below page does? Here we have a number of category buttons which when clicked when open the corresponding category pages with the button highlighted to indicate the current category –



    Pls clarify if this is not what you are trying to accomplish. Thanks


    That isn’t exactly what I was thinking.
    If you look at my demo site: http://b76.5d0.myftpupload.com/units/
    I am hoping to have people click on the the button (using the button shortcode you provided) for a particular floorplan and that floorplan appear on the other 2/3 of the page. Ideally it appears in the page first, rather than lightbox.

    If I used your method of each gallery category going to another page, I would want to know where I could each category page in case I wanted to add specific text information that relates to that particular category. Also where would I find the code for that type of gallery?

    Thanks for your help.



    If you need to display the corresponding image on the right, you will have to write custom JS for doing the same and probably not worth the effort.

    Can’t you just create a quick gallery of these floor plans and place the gallery shortcode in each of the tabs? You can have captions or description defined for these floor plans which will show up in the gallery too when they hover (or without hover too with some minor CSS change) and lightbox support will help as well. Button probably is not very user friendly in this case. Here is more information on gallery shortcode with various options –


    and I have an example gallery created in the blog post example –


    Hope this helps. You can also check some of the very popular gallery plugins available in WordPress plugins repo.


    BTW, you can enter category description for each of the gallery categories and they will show up in the category pages at the very top. But as I said earlier, the method above using WordPress gallery shortcode seems more lightweight, fast to implement and suitable for your needs since you need to create multiple galleries for each page highlighting a property and there can be any number of such properties.


    OK, I agree that using custom galleries on each tab is probably easiest and more user friendly. Thanks! One problem I noticed using images I had on hand was that on the second and third tab the gallery comes out all compressed. I used your code you had posted somewhere else
    [show_post_snippets number_of_columns=3 post_count=6 image_size=’medium’ terms=”apartment” taxonamy=”gallery_category” post_type=”gallery_item”]

    This works for the first tab, but not the others (the images are all compressed and overlap).
    I also tried the code you suggested . Unfortunately all the images come out larger than full screen. This is the case even if I add: size=”thumbnail”

    Either way would work, but I’m having problems with both. Any suggestions?
    I really appreciate the help!


    The isotope script is the culprit here and we need to disable it when using tabs. To fix the regular theme galleries inside tabs, you will need to change the js/main.js file at line number 731 to –

    var post_snippets = $('.post-snippets').not('.bx-wrapper .post-snippets').not('.pane .post-snippets');

    and pls also have this Custom CSS in theme options to fix the tab not enclosing the galleries –

    .panes .pane {
    overflow: hidden;

    Will ensure these fixes are part of next update so you do not have to repeat this. BTW, I did some testing with tabs with WP galleries in each tab and had no issues.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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