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    I am using wpbakery’s Visual Composer plugin and there’s a small problem when using the enticing theme. When I create tabs using VC, I can only click two tabs and then, on clicking the third tab (irrespective of what it is or how many tabs I have) the content doesn’t show up. There’s just a blank line. I can still see the tabs OK but there’s nothing below any of them. See attachement.

    This only happens when I click three tabs – selecting two tabs and it works fine.

    I’ve disabled all other plugins and still a problem but when I change to default WPO theme, the VC tabs work fine.

    Can you help?



    Can you pls post a private message here with a temporary login to your site so that I can take a look at this issue? Thanks.


    Thanks for replying but I’ve decided to use another theme.


    I also am having an issue with using Visual Composer with the theme Agile.

    We have posted some content using the back end editor in VS and the page does not show any of the content.


    Any ideas on how to get it to work or if it will work at all?

    Wade WilsonWade Wilson

    I have the same problem with Visual Composer, anyone help?


    Hi wilson,

    Which theme you are using?
    Can you pls open a new thread and share a temp login to your site as a private msg. We ll help out.
    If you post the temp login here itself the thread owner can view your data even if you set it as a private reply.
    So kindly open a new topic and share your site details.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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