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    Dear reader,

    In the courses section and blog section as well, there is a blue title header just below the main menu.
    I managed to find the checkbox to disable this for other pages, but can’t seem to find these for the 2 sections mentioned.

    Can somebody help me?


    You can use the following custom CSS in theme options –

    .single-course #title-area {
        display: none;
    .single-post #title-area {
        display: none;

    Thank you!
    I have another question, the blog section has a random behaviour when it comes to the sidebar.
    The function is chosen to display two columns with the sidebar on the right. Sometimes this happens.
    Sometimes the sidebar starts below the whole blog/content. So the content itself is screen wide..

    Is there a code that just hardwires the page to view it in two columns?




    Can you provide me a link to the page where this is happening? We have not been able to reproduce this. Surely we are missing some CSS code here that is causing this.

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    You post title is somehow configured to show up as

    <span class="dojodigital_toggle_title">Krijg dat duikende effect in je muziek met sidechain compression door Nicky Romero Kickstart</span>

    Any idea where you have this configured? Where is that dojodigital_toggle_title class specified? This is the cause of the issue – the HTML content is actually broken due to this.


    I literally have no idea.. I didn’t change anything in the code.
    Just changed the content of that blog post to my content…..


    I downloaded a ‘hide page title’ plugin.
    Now I’m creating a new blog post and I noticed that the sidebar still is there.
    Toggled the page title off, refreshed the page and voila…. the sidebar dropped down.
    Turned the page title back on but still the sidebar is at the bottom of the page!

    Alright… I’ll stop using that page title plugin. Which is kind of a bummer cause I don’t want the page title to show.



    Yes this is caused by the Hide Title Plugin –

    Which title do you want to hide (position and page)? You don’t need a plugin for the same. I can provide you with a simple one line CSS to hide the title although I don’t recommend hiding titles due to SEO concerns.


    I have another plugin now who does the same. It’s not deleting it but hiding it. So I guess it’s still there but not for people to see.

    I don’t like to have the page title and H1 showing almost the same sentence for the blog posts. 🙂

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    As long as you have one H1 displaying the post title, you are doing fine.


    The pitch_text is showing up now. Pls check the page. I had to remove the styling for span inside pitch_text param since it has quotes in it which closed the pitch_text and confused the WordPress shortcode parsing. – style=”font-size: xx-small;”. You can target styling through external CSS instead of inline one.

    I hope everything is resolved now. If done, pls mark the other thread as resolved. Thanks


    Thank you so much!
    I’ll mark them as resolved!

    Well, there is one last thing concerning the update..



    I am a beginner in building a website. I am using Invent theme with learndash. I am able to remove the blue stripe under header in the pages as there is an option available but I am not able to remove the blue strip under header in courses created with learndash and blog created with BBpress.
    I tried using custom CSS option given by meteorite but that is not working for me.I have tried to place the code in Customm CSS option given under theme options.
    Pl help me out is customizing my website

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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