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    two quick things about the blog please

    in my blog area
    the text in latin that appears below the thumbs, i dont understand where its coming from,
    if you go inside one of these posts:
    the text inside is the correct one, the one i wrote,
    but the text outside
    is this latin stuff that i didnt write and i dont see it anywhere in the edit page,
    where is it coming from ?? why dont i see the same text there, the beginning of the same text that i have inside the post
    ? thank you

    and one last thing, comments
    these posts have comments, how can i delete the comments?
    if i go to comments area in control panel , i can see the comments
    but i dont see option to delete them
    thanks lots

    thank you


    1) We addressed the excerpt issue with another thread already. The excerpts are coming from WordPress excerpts function –

    2) Pls have a look at the following link to know how to manage comments on WordPress blog –

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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